Wardrobe Doors

Mirror Wardrobes — Glass & Mirrors in Tamworth, NSW
Mirrored Wardrobe — Glass & Mirrors in Tamworth, NSW
Mirror Wardrobes — Glass & Mirrors in Tamworth, NSW

Personalised wardrobe doors that reflect your tastes

Your wardrobe should be personalised to suit the design of your bedroom and provide adequate storage and functionality. The experts at Tamworth Glass are here to help you make the best decisions and provide top-quality installations that save you money.

Our team is happy to sit down with clients and discuss their wardrobe needs. We assess your living space and take on all feedback before recommending an ideal solution.
We specialise in the installation of all types of wardrobe doors, including sliding door systems and walk-in wardrobes.
Most people opt for a sliding door system because it requires no additional floor space when opening the doors. Sliding doors are also excellent options for those who only use a portion of a wardrobe routinely.
Sliding wardrobe doors are available in a variety of styles, including:
  • Framed silver mirror
  • Framed vinyl-covered plasterboard
We will customise a beautiful and practical wardrobe that’s as unique as you are.
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