Practical, safe & smart glass balustrades

The team at Tamworth Glass can design and install all types of glass balustrading. We use contemporary glazing techniques that allow us to create safe and beautiful glass systems using no external framework.

From the initial design to the final installation, our experts provide stunning solutions for both commercial and residential customers. We proudly offer:
  • Thread-fixed balustrades
  • Fixed fascia balustrades
  • Point-fixed balustrades
  • Core-fixed balustrades
  • Top-fixed balustrades
  • Glass pool fencing
Balustrade Staircase — Glass & Mirrors in Tamworth, NSW

Thread-fixed balustrades

Thread-fixed balustrade are excellent for mono-stringer and cantilevered staircases. This type of balustrade system offers
stylish looks combined with reliable safety.

Fixed fascia balustrades

Fixed-fascia is perfect for a wide range of commercial and residential loading situations. These systems are designed to incorporate maximum safety while maintaining a minimalist appearance.
Fixed Fascia Balustrade — Glass & Mirrors in Tamworth, NSW
Point-fixed Balustrade — Glass & Mirrors in Tamworth, NSW

Point-fixed balustrades

Point-fixed balustrade systems provide unobstructed panoramic views and minimalist aesthetics. They are excellent choices for enhancing the safety and appearance of stairwells and balconies.

Core-fixed balustrades

Core-fixed balustrading is designed for block walls and concrete slabs, making them ideal choices for pool fencing balconies. They are available with flat or rounded handrails.
Core-Fixed Balustrades — Glass & Mirrors in Tamworth, NSW
Top-fixed Balustrades — Glass & Mirrors in Tamworth, NSW

Top-fixed balustrades

A top-fixed balustrade system is useful when surface mounting to a floor structure is the best solution. Round and flat handrails are available with various colours and other design features.

Glass pool fencing

Glass pool fencing typically uses core-fixed balustrading to enhance the aesthetics, safety and sophistication of domestic and commercial pools and spas. Glass pool fencing is gaining popularity as it adds a stunning visual effect to a pool or spa area while maintaining strong safety.

Glass balustrades of all types continue to grow in demand in many areas of NSW. Let the team at Tamworth Glass design and build a custom system to reflect your unique style and personality.
Glass Pool Fence — Glass & Mirrors in Tamworth, NSW
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